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If you enjoy a bit more action than lazily dangling a rod into crystal waters when you’re fishing, then I highly recommend heading to Siargao Island and taking a charter with Pilar Sportfishing. Renowned as the best game fishermen in the Philippines, they helped me net my fish of a lifetime - a 2m Blue Marlin that took me 20 minutes to bring onto the boat. And that was on my first trip out! They are exceptionally friendly and professional with lots of advice for a relative beginner (like me) and will do their best to get your dream catch into the boat. The prices are very cheap for a game fishing experience, although you may end up splitting the catch with the operators to compensate. Still, the experience is well worth it. Not much will taste better than fresh fish, caught by yourself, skillfully cooked to order and eaten on the beachfront.

Other than fishing, there are many small islands around that are great fun to visit. Most of the beaches in the area are protected by a large reef system, making it perfect for kids (and snorkeling). Either hire a boat and play captain or go on an island-hopping tour. Some will have remote beaches for you to get some alone time, so you can relax on the beach with some fresh buko (coconut).

- Dave

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