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  PINXTOS TOUR - San Sebastian, SPAIN

If you appreciate your food and drink and want to soak up some culture, San Sebastian is the town for you. A year ago, I spent 3 days with my husband and two sons in San Sebastian (or Donostia in the local Basque language), a coastal town in northern Spain. They have more Michelin Stars per square metre than anywhere else in the world!

When in the area, take a tour to learn about the Basque culture and people. Top off your cultural adventure with a wander through the markets, perfect beaches, and the Old Town. For food, you have to try a pintxos (small plates of local delicacies) crawl. It’s apparently perfectly normal to come into the city to meet family and friends and bar hop your way through town, nibbling on a few pintxos at each place. Full meals aren’t as fun as moving from bar to bar and getting a taste of each new delicacy. Order a glass of Txakoli, a local sparkling wine that’s dramatically poured high above the glass to bring out the fizz, with some non-alcoholic ciders for the kids. Take the opportunity to stretch your legs. You won’t need a car in San Sebastian, so get out and walk. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for a stop at this little coastal gem!

- Melissa

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