Sea, Vines & Colourful Towns

  WALK ABOUT - Cinque Terre, ITALY

If you go to the Cinque Terra villages, you have to do the walk from Manarolo to Cortona. It’s amazing to stroll on a track that’s been underfoot for centuries. Walking this high trail gives you an amazing view of the sea, the villages perched on the cliffs and a glimpse into the daily lives of the locals. Venturing past vines and an abundance of tomatoes clinging to the steep cliff, it’s difficult to imagine the hard work it must have taken to get them established.

Feeling very chuffed that you are going down while others are struggling up, end the walk with a hot slice of pizza and a delicious gelati after wandering the little streets of Cortona. When you need a break from walking with the crowds, catch the ferry to Port Venere.

At the end of the ferry ride, another cute little town that people sometimes miss is waiting for you. You must make sure to grab a seafood plate and a crisp glass of the local white or a ruby red Campari cocktail. Want to go more native? Pick up some cheese, meat, and bread and have your own gourmet picnic by the sea. Gorgeous colours, houses, food and drink - Cinque Terra is highly recommended.

- Karen

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