Swimming in the Alps


A swimming pool?! In the Austrian Alps!? In WINTER!? Yes, you read that right! The Alpenbad Leutasch is one of the town’s most popular attractions, and with good reason. Besides an Olympic sized lap pool, they also have a pool that is half inside and outside! Thanks to its heated water, you can be sitting in the warmth of the pool while the snow falls around you. But if you really want to get the blood pumping, jump out of the warm pool and roll in the fresh snow for 30 seconds. Then, quickly jump back into the water to get every bone in your body tingling. It’s brilliantly invigorating, and great fun as a dare!

Because it’s a wintertime attraction, you can experience a White Christmas while you’re there. Everyone needs to have one once in their lives. It’s cold, magical, cold, enlightening, cold and did I mention cold? The Christmas markets are something to behold, with hot chestnuts and popcorn, handmade wooden clocks and ornaments, and all manner of festive things that make you feel like you’ve accidentally wandered onto a film set.

As it’s winter, you’ll want to find food and drink that gives you that inner warmth. A nice warm cider or local beer can take the real edge off those cold winter nights. A drop of eggnog doesn’t go astray either...

- Brendan S.

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