Thawing Beauty


Pack your thermals, warm up your cycling legs, and explore winter in the Jordaan area in Amsterdam. Arriving on a chilly January 1st, my fiancé and I were greeted by subdued and beautiful streets – festooned with the wrappings of the previous night’s fireworks. It’s best to base yourself where you want to spend the day. Aside from a few short tram trips, your travel needs can be covered on foot. Any other way of getting around mean missing out on the delightful architectural and incidental details this area is made of. Although it’ll no doubt be cold, you’ll likely be treated to nothing more challenging than the odd rain shower. Short winter queues will enable you to get up close to the colour in the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy a leisurely pace taking in the stories of the Anne Frank House.

Between famous spots, thaw your fingers with tea, hot chocolates, and the most fantastic cakes and pastries. For a special treat, try the apple tart from Espressobar Puccini. A generous layer of apple cooked just so in a biscuity thin crust hinted with amaretto.

With relatively few tourists around, it’s easy to feel like a local. What I remember most vividly is how right being in this city felt. This place is for people out on the street. Jordan streets are not built for going places - they are the place.

- Ollie

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