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Travel is cool and all, but what if you want to have an adventure without worrying about traveler’s cheques or insulting people with your poor grasp of their language and customs? Luckily, nerds have you covered.

The concept of escaping a room within a limited time frame has long been a staple of early noughties Flash games, and now you can experience these thrills in real-life with 1 to 6 other friends, here in good ol’ Radelaide. Adventure Rooms will see your party locked in one of two rooms, and the only way to escape is to solve a number of ingeniously crafted puzzles. Some of these puzzles require you to find hidden clues, some require clever interpretation of said clues, and solving them feels like flipping off the creepy puppet man from the Saw films with both hands.

I highly recommend that you enjoy a delicious pizza from the Union Hotel as part of the pre-game ritual. This will ensure you have enough brain fuel to burn while you consider how to become uncuffed from a radiator. There are often multiple ways of solving puzzles, and no prior knowledge is required. Adventure Rooms can provide an experience for any group of players, so be a tourist without having to pack, and try it out!

- Ben F.

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